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  Exhibit - IMAS by Michael Angelo Medina 
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Location: USA
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Exhibit - IMAS
michael angelo medina
Oct 7, 2021
A juried art show will be held at the International Museum of Arts & Sciences on Saturday, October 9th.

The exhibit is set to feature a wide variety of works from artists including Fanny Mares, Jason Perez, Uriel Landeros, and many more.

Also exhibiting are Alta Vista team members Michael Angelo Medina, Xuan Licerio, Lane Cheever, and Jose “Peps” Reyes. Michael Angelo will be debuting an esoteric multimedia piece titled “Lower World: Soul Retrieval”, Xuan Licerio will be debuting his technogogic piece titled “Holonoid”, Lane Cheever will be debuting a piece he painted while driving (!) titled “Rebirth Through Time”, Jose Reyes will be debuting an abstract expressionist piece (that incorporates his own blood) titled “Grateful for the Suffering”, and Ricky Gamboa will be debuting a piece titled “Black Waves”. 

The event will be curated by IMAS, and will be giving out cash prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place selections. The winners will be selected by an IMAS-curated panel of judges.

The exhibit will remain on display until January 2022.

If you'd like to support our artistic endeavors, you can find exclusive prints in the Alta Vista digital gift shop! To learn more, visit www.altavista.global/giftshop
Announcing: Members Juried Exhibit, Fall 2021 - IMAS International Museum of Art & Science
IMAS is pleased to announce our inaugural Members Juried Art Show in Fall of 2021. Inclusion in this exhibition of original artwork is open only to IMAS
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Exhibit - IMAS by Michael Angelo Medina
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