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Updated May 2022
Location Iran, Chaldoran

Love for all living beings is the most noble characteristic of man. Charles Darwin 

Dr. Behnam Ghaffarzdeh is an ophthalmologist, a graduate of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences.

He had created a record by performing 40,000 cataract operations , but this doctor has another great feature. He is known for his philanthropy and travels to deprived areas for long distances to help the needy at no cost and for free. He has performed about three thousand free operations so far.

After years of specialized activity and countless surgeries without anesthesia, he now performs eye surgery on animals. He is very interested in animals and does so to help animals and the environment. He is very pleased that he can cure the eyes of animals. Dr. Ghaffarzadeh believes that animals are revived with eye surgery and can see the beauties of nature and enjoy and live..

    With the help of the specialized veterinary team of the Islamic Azad University of Tabriz Branch, for the first time in Iran, Dr. Behnam Ghaffarzadeh successfully performed cataract surgery On the eyes of horses named Lemeh, Zoljanah, Kamand and Sardar Khan and Dogs named Loki, Kurdistani and Domestic, and the enamel bird.

Throughout a year I was with the doctor and made many trips, I tried to portray Dr. Ghaffarzadeh's courageous, compassionate and humane character so that seeing such people would inject more and more joy and hope into the Iranian and world community.

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