M'hammed Kilito

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Location: Rabat, Morocco
Nationality: Moroccan
Biography: M'hammed Kilito (b. 1981, Russia) is an independent Moroccan photographer based in Rabat, Morocco. He is represented internationally by Loft Art Gallery and Native Agency. As a photographer and visual storyteller, he consistently focuses on... read on
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On est ensemble
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Through his work, M'hammed Kilito particularly wanted to tackle the growing instrumentalization of fear towards the Other, from abroad, in Valais (Switzerland), where 1 inhabitant out of 4 comes from emigration. Having taken note of political positions such as those of the UDC, he chose to highlight "by an inverted process, the relationship between Swiss and migrants: What happens when fear gives way to generosity, mutual aid and humanism? ".

The series presented focuses on the exchange of experiences, skills and knowledge as well as the diversity of backgrounds and destinies. As the artist recalls, not everyone is equal in the face of migration: some migrants manage to recreate communities while others face a form of isolation; some easily learn French, others have great difficulty; some have come by choice, others have fled the war and can not return home; some have carried with them personal belongings linking them to their "old life", others have lost everything; some of them manage to perform the function or the job they were in, others have to give up ...

In the end, the work emphasizes the great richness that different cultures represent when there is the possibility of cultivating and transmitting them. In this respect, the artist wonders about the consequences of a certain conception of integration as assimilation, which implies renouncing one's roots, one's

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