M'hammed Kilito

Fiction of Reality
Location: Rabat, Morocco
Nationality: Moroccan
Biography: M'hammed Kilito (b. 1981, Russia) is an independent Moroccan photographer based in Rabat, Morocco. He is represented internationally by Loft Art Gallery and Native Agency. As a photographer and visual storyteller, he consistently focuses on... read on
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Fiction of Reality
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Updated 07/22/21
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On 20 March 2020, state of health emergency was declared in Morocco to control the spread of COVID-19, imposing various restrictions and prevention measures. With curfews, travel permits, closure of public spaces and compulsory wearing of bibs, we all found ourselves locked in our own worlds. For my part, I spent these days with my elderly parents, respecting the preventive measures to reduce the risk of them being contaminated, as their immune systems are fragile and cannot resist the virus.  

I started a confinement diary documenting our daily life by photographing my parents, their activities, the small park where they walk their dog and details of their house. Generally shy in front of a photographic lens, my parents always refused to be photographed. However, the days we had spent together made them more comfortable with the idea and so they gave in. Perhaps they felt bad because I could no longer photograph for my current projects and my exhibitions and artist residencies were cancelled or postponed.  

Finally, since my return to Morocco in 2015, I have been photographing exclusively in colour. The vibrant colours seemed to me to be rooted in Moroccan culture. The unreal crisis of COVID-19 and its fictional aspect inspired me to photograph in black and white.

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