M'hammed Kilito

Location: Rabat, Morocco
Nationality: Moroccan
Biography: M'hammed Kilito (b. 1981, Russia) is an independent Moroccan photographer based in Rabat, Morocco. He is represented internationally by Loft Art Gallery and Native Agency. As a photographer and visual storyteller, he consistently focuses on... read on
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Are we free to choose what we want to do later as a job? Or, are we under social and economic pressure to pursue jobs that are not necessarily what we want?
Social determinism is the theory that holds that all human actions are determined by their prior states and that individuals have no willpower to change this determination. People in this system, therefore, have no free will and, if they believe they have it, they have only the appearance of it.

Based on this idea, I began a research project that focuses on the sociology of work in order to verify the veracity of social determinism in Morocco, through a visual sociology approach that uses images to illustrate this reality. The common thread was whether we are the actors of our own lives or whether we are under social pressure in deciding our career choices.

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