M'hammed Kilito

Location: Rabat, Morocco
Nationality: Moroccan
Biography: M'hammed Kilito (b. 1981, Russia) is a documentary photographer based in Rabat, Morocco. His work focuses on capturing narratives that help understand the relationship between groups or individuals and their environments, by covering issues... read on
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GQ Middle East interview with M'hammed Kilito
m'hammed kilito
Oct 19, 2021
The series feels almost like an anthropological study of today’s diverse Moroccan youth identities and their lived experiences, but instead of wordy discourse, M’hammed Kilito has visualised it through his incisive lens. And for good reason; M’hammed Kilito has a background in political science, and he approaches his photography oeuvre and its main theme of cultural identity with plenty of academic research and field investigations.

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News Spotlight

M'hammed Kilito has been appointed World Press Photo Contest Outreach Coordinator for North Africa and the Middle East.

By M'hammed Kilito — I'm happy to announce that I was designated by World Press Photo as the Contest Outreach Coordinator..
News Spotlight

M'hammed Kilito is among the VII Mentor Program 2021-23 Cohort

By M'hammed Kilito — VII Photo Agency is thrilled to welcome into their new Mentor Program ten gifted young photographers with..
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M'hammed Kilito, winner of the national photographic commission "Regards du Grand Paris"

By M'hammed Kilito / Paris — Inspired by philosopher Guy Debord's theory of drifting, M'hammed Kilito proposes with À la..

GPP Talks with M'hammed Kilito

By M'hammed Kilito / Dubai — GulfPhotoPlus 𝐆𝐏𝐏 𝐓𝐚𝐥𝐤𝐬 with M'hammed Kilito⁠ Monday, 8 November at 7pm. ⁠ Warehouse 34, Alserkal..

Exhibition of the laureates for the 10th anniversary of the Residence for Photography prize of the Fondation des Treilles

By M'hammed Kilito — Come and discover the exhibition of our laureates for "the 10th anniversary of the "Residence for..
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"Plural identities" at the Africa-France summit in Montpellier

By M'hammed Kilito — On the occasion of the Africa-France Summit, I am pleased to participate in the Africa Montpellier..
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IAF Basel - CAP Prize Winners Exhibition

By M'hammed Kilito — CAP Prize Exhibition 57 large-format images show contemporary African photography. CESAR DEZFULI, RAHIMA..
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El Pais: Entre dos Mundos

By M'hammed Kilito — Así lo hace el fotógrafo M’hammed Kilito en sus collages, donde mezcla retratos de la..
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Urbi & Orbi Festival, Sedan, France

By M'hammed Kilito — 11th EDITION OF THE URBI&ORBI FESTIVAL For this twentieth anniversary edition, the festival of..
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Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai

By M'hammed Kilito — "Chemistry of Feeling" Group exhibition Drawing on the delicate connections between a tumultuous..

Les rencontres d'Arles

By M'hammed Kilito — Exhibition of a selection of images made by the 2019 winners of the "Residence for Photography"..

Auckland Festival of Photography

By M'hammed Kilito — The Auckland Festival of Photography Trust are delighted to be partnering with the CAP Association to show..

"Barzakh. Entre mondes", PhotoESPAÑA Festival, Casa Arabe, Madrid, Spain

By M'hammed Kilito — PHotoESPAÑA Festival, Madrid, Spain 'Barzakh. Between Worlds', curated by Xavier De Luca and..

Award Winning African Photography - photo basel Takes a Closer Look

By M'hammed Kilito — All 12 artists from  Edition POPCAP  were included in  Award Winning African Photography -..

Fiction of reality, World Press Photo Exhibition 2020, Oldenburg, Germany

By M'hammed Kilito — Everyday Africa - World Press Photo Exhibition 2020 Oldenburg Worldpressphotoausstellung-oldenburg.de..

The Everyday Projects: New Stories and Horizons, Cairo Photo Week

By M'hammed Kilito — The Everyday Projects: New Stories and Horizons Photo Exhibition will be on display at  Cairo Photo..

Participation in 1:54 at Christie's Paris

By M'hammed Kilito — We are excited to announce,  1-54 Paris at Christie’s will be taking place for the first time in..
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Destiny at Sharjah's Africa Institute

By M'hammed Kilito — This exhibition is a collaboration between The Africa Institute , Sharjah Art Foundation and the Sharjah..

Photo Vogue Festival

By M'hammed Kilito — Due to the uncertainty of social distancing measures and the general Covid—19 situation the fifth..
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on The Washington Post: Cherishing human connections in the time of coronavirus

By M'hammed Kilito — M’hammed Kilito — Marrakesh, Morocco M’hammed Kilito, 39, was in Europe when the Moroccan..
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Cap Prize Shorlisted

By M'hammed Kilito — Shortlisted for the 9th CAP Prize for Contemporary African Photography: M’hammed Kilito for..
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2020 National Geographic Explorer

By M'hammed Kilito — M’hammed Kilito has been selected by the National Geographic Society as a 2020 National Geographic..
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6x6 Talent Program by World Press Photo

By M'hammed Kilito — Today I received the great news that I was selected for the 6x6 Talent Program by  World Press Photo..

Vice Arabia

By M'hammed Kilito — As I am currently at home with my parents who are elderly and have a weak immune system, I am taking..
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