Maria J Hackett

Princess Ìyánìfá and Her Prince, Boakum
Location: brooklyn
Biography: As a Brooklyn based artist, Maria J Hackett uses her photography to explore individuals of various backgrounds and cultures who are often misrepresented throughout the media. With portraiture, documentary and captured movement, she sets out to... read on
Public Story
Princess Ìyánìfá and Her Prince, Boakum
Princess Ìyánìfá Adzua Boakyewaa Ifáfunmiláyo Opare , age 46 of New York City, is a single mother (grateful for her support system) who faced multiple miscarriages before becoming pregnant with her 2nd son, Prince. In the early tests of her pregnancy with Prince, it was found that she had a high chance of giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome.  Immediately she was faced with doctors giving her information for an abortion, not asking how she, herself, felt about these results. After facing multiple miscarriages, Ìyánìfá knew in her heart Prince was special and no matter what,  this was her child to raise. She continued to face pressure to abort her baby and faced negativity in what's "to come" if she carries out her pregnancy. It surprised and broke Ìyánìfá heart at how Down Syndrome in a human being can be viewed as a life sentence. How before even given birth, an unborn child was already seen as less than.

Prince, now turning 4, is excelling in his growth. He communicates, sings, uses manipulatives, signs, makes eye contact upon interaction and more as Ìyánìfá has dedicated her love to believing in him. With the continued strength and love of his mother, Prince continues to excel and believe in himself. Ìyánìfá has and continues to nurture Prince's individual self while instilling love and knowledge- something others didn't see possible.


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