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Motherhood-Changing Realities
Location: brooklyn
Biography: As a Brooklyn based artist, Maria J Hackett uses her photography to explore individuals of various backgrounds and cultures who are often misrepresented throughout the media. With portraiture, documentary and captured movement, she sets out to... MORE
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Motherhood-Changing Realities
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Updated May 2020
Location new york city
Topics Abuse, Breastfeeding, Children, Documentary, Emotion, Essays, Friends + Family, Gender, Healing, Mental Illness, Motherhood, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, PostPartum, Pregnancy, Women's health, Womens Rights
Throughout history, women have faced a wide range of adversities and have been taken advantaged of in ways we couldn't imagine possible. What happens when you become a mother? Those same issues magnify and that already small world of support somehow becomes even smaller. Even lessened from fellow friends who are also women.

We live in a society where so much misinformation and lack of knowledge in motherhood greatly divides the reality of it all. Through a number of interviews and virtual connections with mothers, there is a similar story. The search for healing within themselves and to break generational cycles others were not given the opportunity to do. To navigate in a world that constantly works against the very things they were meant to do as mothers, trying to fit this idealized expectation to be perfect and whole while placing everything before themselves.

While facing unrealistic expectations of motherhood, each mother also has their own struggle to balance out. Breastfeeding, spoiling, unpretty; the neverending criticism. Accumulated challenges that leaves many feeling helpless, sitting in silence in the taboo of postpartum depression, which we are now learning is heavily more common than we think.

Up to two plus years after given birth, I, myself, experienced intrusive thoughts calling myself crazy, lazy, ugly, sexually flawed - a failure. Anything that didn't look as perfect in those fairytale mothers in movies or the greatly misused phrase "Strong  Black Woman". I also fought to be the exact same person I was before becoming a mom, only to feel sad, confused, alone, numb and empty.

Upon growing connection with a number of mothers, it became apparent a shift was happening across a wide scope. This series focuses on evaluating the past writings of mothers and dive into deep research while given present day mothers the opportunity to share their stories of how motherhood changed their lives.

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Motherhood-Changing Realities by Maria J Hackett
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