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Awake (Work In-Progress)
Location: brooklyn
Biography: As a Brooklyn based artist, Maria J Hackett uses her photography to explore individuals of various backgrounds and cultures who are often misrepresented throughout the media. With portraiture, documentary and captured movement, she sets out to... MORE
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Awake (Work In-Progress)
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Updated May 2024
Topics Documentary, Journalism, Personal Projects, Photography, Photojournalism
I first met Alex (Alexandria Lo Grasso) at an event I was photographing for. Before she fully approached, I already felt her energy hit me. Alex had a story to share and I was determined to make documenting her story happen.

During our time together, Alex discussed bits of her personal life along with her recent diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.  As we dived deeper into discussing childhood, challenges of life and various angles to her new diagnosis, details of her new journey with art therapy, using various forms of media to dive deeper, explore and express various parts of herself were also shared. Shown were examples of personal artwork, writings, musical instruments as well as naturally having moments with her dog Rusty of 11 year who she can also call her best friend. Alex greatly enjoys finding joy in numerous forms as she continuous to learn more of herself.

Alex is deeply enthusiastic of the journey that lies ahead and is eager in sharing her story to not only spread awareness and deeper understanding, but to also help others.

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Awake (Work In-Progress) by Maria J Hackett
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