Valery Melnikov

Location: Moscow, Russia
Nationality: Russian
Biography: Born in Nevinnomyssk, Valery Melnikov studied journalism in Stavropol, Russia. His photographic career began when he started to work for The North Caucasus newspaper. For ten years he was a staff photographer for Kommersant publishing house. He... MORE
War without shutting
valery melnikov
Jan 17, 2022
Location: Yakutia

This photo will be part of the large exhibition "Human Blue Print" during Rotterdam Photo 2022
The abnormal fires in Yakutia this summer were the largest environmental disaster in the region over the past ten years. The area of the fire has reached almost nine million hectares. Despite all the efforts of the authorities, firemen and ordinary residents of Yakutia, the fire ended only when it got colder and the rains began.

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Valery Melnikov / Schastie, Ukraine
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Valery Melnikov
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Valery Melnikov
War without shutting by Valery Melnikov
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