Mike Davis

Visual Storytelling Consultant
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nationality: American
Biography: Mike's specialty is helping photographers improve the way they approach image making – as it applies to the individual photograph and bodies of work. He helps people relearn how to make photographs by elevating why they're making... MORE
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Has your seeing grown over time? And how do you know?
mike davis
Jul 5, 2021
Here's a new post on my site that you might find helpful.
Has Your Seeing Grown Over Time? And How Do You Know? — Mike Davis
To be stagnant in this business is to punch your departure ticket from making a living making pictures. If you are doing things the same way you did even five years ago, you’re probably on the downhill side of your career path – unless you’re...
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Mike Davis

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Mike Davis
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Mike Davis
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Mike Davis
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Mike Davis
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Mike Davis
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Mike Davis
Has your seeing grown over time? And how do you know? by Mike Davis
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