Max Hirshfeld

Location: Washington DC
Nationality: US
Biography: Max Hirshfeld is recognized as a master at spotting decisive moments while revealing the warmth and humanity of his subjects. He has undertaken several focused projects over the past decade. From 2002-2005, in a series titled One Shot, Hirshfeld... read on
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National Portrait Gallery Commissions Max Hirshfeld to photograph the Secretary of The Smithsonian
max hirshfeld
Aug 11, 2017
I was recently honored as just the second photographer — Arnold Newman was the first — to be commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to provide the official portrait of a former Secretary.

Thanks to Leica for the loan of their powerful S system, Sarah Oliphant for her beautifully subtle backdrop and Larry Small, eleventh Secretary of the Smithsonian, for choosing my team and me for the portrait.


By Max Hirshfeld —

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