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On The Trail of Teh Tarik
Biography: Matt is a photojournalist and archaeologist based between Jackson Hole and Boston. Working alongside field researchers and nonprofit organizations, he currently writes and photographs articles related to culture, history, and conservation for... MORE
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On The Trail of Teh Tarik
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Date of Work Feb 2019 - Feb 2019
Updated May 2022
Location Malaysia
Topics Agriculture, Buddhism, Community, Culture, Culture stories, Food, Happiness, Hinduism, Immigration, International Stories, Journalism, Lifestyle, Malaysia, Photography, Pulled tea, Tea, Teh tarik, Travel, World heritage
Teh Tarik, the unofficial national beverage of Malaysia is a growing symbol for tolerance and cultural diversity. 
Teh Tarik, the unofficial national beverage of Malaysia stems from a complex history of colonialism and a blend of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and British influences. Today, the drink is used as a metaphor for bringing together different cultures and ideas to foster a movement of understanding and generostiy. On a two week road trip up the western coast of Malaysia, I followed this history of teh tarik and explored why it has become such an influential aspect in Malaysian culture. Published with the BBC in January 2022.
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On The Trail of Teh Tarik by Matt Stirn
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