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In The Land of Kush
Biography: Matt is a photojournalist and archaeologist based between Jackson Hole and Boston. Working alongside field researchers and nonprofit organizations, he currently writes and photographs articles related to culture, history, and conservation for... MORE
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In The Land of Kush
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Updated Apr 2022
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The Nubian region of northern Sudan was once home to the Kushite Kingdom, an African power that ruled between 2,600 BC - 350 AD. The Kushites established the largest bronze age cities in Africa outside of Egypt, constructed over 200 pyramids, and conquered Egypt to establish the 25th Dynasty in 744 BC. Despite its vast achievements, the Kingdom of Kush remains little known to most people. As Sudan begins to open its doors to the world following the 2019 revolution, they hope that their spectacular past will help guide them towards a vibrant future. This story ran as the cover article for the September 2020 issue of Smithsonian Magazine.
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In The Land of Kush by Matt Stirn
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