Catalina Martin-Chico

Location: Paris
Nationality: french
Biography: Catalina Martin-Chico, franco-spanish photographer,  lives in Paris. She trained at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, where she lived for many years.    Her work is part of the tradition of humanistic... read on
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My work at the first edition of Madrid Docu Fest
catalina martin-chico
Nov 2, 2019
The MadridDocuFest Festival, focusing on photojournalism and documentary multimedia, can be visited from 16 October to 17 November at the Neomudéjar Museum and in Zapadores-Ciudad del Arte Museo del Siglo XXI in Madrid. The works to be seen at the festival were selected after an open call for photographic projects and multimedia pieces, in which almost 300 works were received from Spanish photographers and photographers and other nationalities living in Spain.
MadridDocuFest  | LANEOMUDEJAR
Del 16 de Octubre al 17 de Noviembre 2019 Se presenta la primera edición del MadridDocuFest centrado en fotografía y documental realizado desde nuestro país,

By Catalina Martin-Chico —

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