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Felix Marquez

Visual journalist based in Mexico
Location: Veracruz, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Félix Márquez is an independent photographer and visual journalist based in Mexico. Márquez has specialized in covering the war against drug trafficking in Mexico, migration, human rights and childhood in Latin America.... read on
Vestiges in DOK Festivalen
felix marquez
Jul 19, 2019
Location: fredrikstad
Vestiges is already exhibited outdoors at DOK festivalen. The objects of my colleagues murdered in the state of Veracruz are shared by their relatives on the other side of the world in Fredrikstad, Norway, and their names and histories are already read by the visitors.

DOKfestivalen is one of the photojournalism and documentary festivals with one of the best activities programs in Europe.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Bronx Documentary Center and in which I have the honor of sharing space with Emmanuel Guillén Lozano.


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