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Ignacio Marin

Photojournalist / Fotoperiodista
Location: Madrid, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Freelance documentary photographer. Madrid and elsewhere. 

By Ignacio Marin —


The law of gold and lead

By Ignacio Marin — THE LAW OF GOLD AND LEAD  Venezuela used to be the wealthiest nation in South America. Today, is in crisis. The collapse of the oil industry,..

A drowning land

By Ignacio Marin — A DROWNING LAND In Kalabogi, a small village at the Sundarbarns, in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh, life is quiet and calm...

Hunger Crimes

By Ignacio Marin — HUNGER CRIMES In Venezuela, the collapse of the economy and the subsequent food shortages has lead to a new type of crime: hunger crime...

Profession: girl

By Ignacio Marin — PROFESSION: GIRL In Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in Africa, to be a girl is a full time job. According to a report from Unicef, Ethiopia..

Profesion: niña

By Ignacio Marin — Coming soon!  Este vídeo se estrenará al público durante el 16 Festival de Cine de Derechos Humanos de San Sebastian, el próximo 20 de..

Chronicle of an eviction foretold

By Ignacio Marin — CHRONICLE OF AN EVICTION FORETOLD It was an open secret that the Greek government wanted to be finished with Idomeni, the largest refugee camp in..

La Sexta Noticias

By Ignacio Marin

The salt of the Earth

By Ignacio Marin — THE SALT OF THE EARTH Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression, over a 100 metres below sea level, is one of the hot testinhabited place on Earth...
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