Graphic Artist and Photographer
Nobody Has to Know
Location: Abuja
Nationality: Nigerian
Biography: Eze Mariagoretti is a Graphic Artist and Photographer based in Abuja, Nigeria. Mariagoretti’s photographs are her visual voice, geared towards making social commentaries that affect a lot of people from a very strange and creative... read on
Public Story
Nobody Has to Know
Credits: eze mariagoretti chinenye
Date of Work: 01/01/18 - 12/11/18
Updated: 12/10/19

 YEAR:      2018
 MEDIUM:  PHOTOGRAPHY (Exploration of Moringa seeds on photographic print)
This work is a visual representation of the increasing number of children sexual assault in our society. This series Nobody has to know’ calls attention to child molestation and the negative effect on the victim. Any child who is a victim of sexual abuse dies in silence, experiences emotional trauma, feels isolated and this makes the victim highly secretive and afraid to tell because of what the consequences which might be; not being believed, punishment, blame or abandonment. This makes her lonely in her world. This abuse is usually accompanied by the threat ‘nobody should know’.
The artist reminds the viewer that most times, the danger lies not at the hands of strangers but in the hands of those we are often quick to trust (uncles, aunties, close friends and relatives), and urge parents to teach their children about the sacredness of their bodies. Children should be educated and enlightened at home.
The artist used Moringa seed which is a preventive and curative seed to depict those who have neglected a child whom they were supposed to protect them from this abuse.



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