Marcos Louit

Location: Cuba, Habana
Nationality: Cuban
Biography: NewMenStudio Founder.  Cuban Filmmaker with more then13 years of experience in Director, Editing, CG, VFX, managing audiovisual post-production with 2D and 3D digital composition. He holds degrees from New York Film Academy, New York/... read on
"The enchanted island" Making of (Chapter 1)
marcos louit
Jul 23, 2018
Location: Cuba, Habana

Animating is always a challenge, more if in Virtual Reality. In this movie, NewMen Studio associated with Ninja Naranja had made a great jump for Cuban VR technology. Historical research, technical development, and hours of render were part of the movie's process presented now on this making of.


By Marcos Louit —

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Cuban VR at Sundance by the first time.

By Marcos Louit — bembe An immersive experience that manifests both the material world and the spiritual world, this intimate and energetic documentary courses..

NEWMENstudio article in FONOMA megazine

By Marcos Louit — Newmen, emprendedores de realidad virtual en Cuba: “Trabajamos por el ¡wow!” Todo impresiona un poco en Newmen..

LGBT independent parade in La Habana

By Marcos Louit — With the cancellation of the annual conga against homophobia and transphobia, a group of LGBT activists and others in solidarity with the cause..

#NEWMENstudio in the Cuban young filmmakers festival.

By Marcos Louit — Vivir y aprender sobre la experiencia | Cubacine

More about Tornado in Havana

By Marcos Louit — OnCuba Almost 48 hours after the #tornado that unexpectedly hit #LaHabana, the neighbors of #Luyanó continued to pile up debris and waiting..

2nd Tornado in Havana in 500 years

By Marcos Louit — OnCuba En 360 grados, el panorama al día siguiente del paso del #tornado en la histórica Loma de Jesús del Monte, que..

Virtual Reality in the Cuban Art

By Marcos Louit — The Vol. I of Third Eye series was presented by NEWMEN Studio to the exhibit Paranoia   An intervention that pushes the boundaries of Cuban art..

Cuba, the enchanted island Making off (Chapter 1: Animation)

By Marcos Louit — Making off the movie Cuba, the enchanted  island  (Cuba, la isla encantada) animated chapter. The VR animation has new challenges for..

Cuba, the enchanted island TEASER

By Marcos Louit — A retired History Teacher now works for the private sector in Havana, Cuba. He struggles to comprehend his new reality since it's the opposite..


By Marcos Louit — Bembé   is a our next release. After our first expirience Cuba, the enchanted island , this documentary was also shot in Virtual..
News Spotlight


By Marcos Louit — Ante un razonable avance de la industria de la Realidad Virtual, Aumentada y Mixta a escala mundial, el Neo Media Lab de la Universidad Nacional de..

NewMenStudio, the CubanVR

By Marcos Louit — NewMen Studio was endorsed by ElToque, an independent Cuban magazine with an online feature. The article argues about the VR technology in Cuba and..
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