Marcos Louit

LGBT independent parade in La Habana
Location: Cuba, Habana
Nationality: Cuban
Biography: NewMenStudio Founder.  Cuban Filmmaker with more then13 years of experience in Director, Editing, CG, VFX, managing audiovisual post-production with 2D and 3D digital composition. He holds degrees from New York Film Academy, New York/... read on
LGBT independent parade in La Habana
marcos louit
May 13, 2019
Location: La Habana
With the cancellation of the annual conga against homophobia and transphobia, a group of LGBT activists and others in solidarity with the cause carried out in La Habana an independent march for their rights. The walk ended abruptly because of police intervention. Before the start, members of the community explain their reasons for being there. Video of NEWMEN Studio. Cuba. May 11th, 2019.


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