Bruno Mancinelle

Location: Boa Vista
Nationality: Brazil
Biography: Photojournalist currently based in Boa Vista-Brazil / Venezuela
Public Story
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Date of Work 03/18/19 - 04/30/19
Updated 05/03/21
The Javari Valley is located on the border of Brazil and Peru, also on the border with Colombia. About 4,900 people of the Matis, Marubo, Mayoruna / Matses, Kulina, Korubo, Kanamari, Tsohom-Djapa ethnic groups live in the region, being considered the largest contingent of peoples living in isolation in South America. The natives of the Valley do Javari face modern social problems and need, as well as non-indigenous people, solutions that meet these needs. An example is the high infant mortality rate in the villages. It is estimated that in the Javari Valley, one hundred out of every thousand children born alive, die from the most diverse causes. This statistic is five times higher than the national average.