Collective @ Agency / Based in Iran

MAMAAT Project is an independent collective founded in 2020 with the participation of Six photographers. MAMAAT’s goal is to show stories from Iran and neighboring countries with an artistic documentary approach.


MΛMΛΛT Project is an Iranian independent collective founded in 2020 with participate of 5 photographers. Regards to the expansion of mass media and quick access to information, TAXI's goal is to draw a sincere picture of human relationships and Middle Eastern societies.
MΛMΛΛT points to the mass media productions and tries to be a few words of truth in the form of visual storytelling. MΛMΛΛT artists have been published in World Press Photo, Life, New York Times, Time Magazine, Der Spiegel, Stern, GEO, 6Mois, Washington Post and various Middle Eastern publications and online agencies.
MΛMΛΛT also teaches, host workshops and public programs around photography, media literacy and representation.
Print sale in high quality is available as an alternative with the community interested in photography.