Malena Mazza

Mother & son's
Location: Milan
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Malena Mazza was born in Bologna, Italy and moved to Milan to attend the Cinema School. She starts her professional career as director assistant at Production House Film 77 in Milan and soon becomes First Assistant of international renown... read on
Public Story
Mother & son's
Credits: malena mazza
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated: 05/11/20
A theatrical reconstruction to represent symbolically the transformation and evolution of the relationship between woman, birth and motherhood. Portraits of women, with their newborn in their arms, in the main European cities and shot in rather obvious and common place (in supermarkets, in cars, eating pasta at the table, in parks with their grandparents) and therefore because of this contrast, a new kind of woman emerges. This is a great metamorphosis which we now live with extraordinary simplicity. Woman now take their offspring with them to the most common, everyday, even banal place, and may be for this reason that these moments are not captured easily in an artistic study through the lens of a camera, (because are too common).Women today take care about how they look, the way they dress, and continue to pursue their interests. They visit exhibitions, they go out, they travel, carrying with them the new experience of being a mother, with a new consciousness, new knowledge and experience, an enriching process for these two new identities. Motherhood is no longer a social restraint nor an abrupt transition from one moment of being to another. It is now part of the human growth, an integral part of our daily life, something that makes life extraordinary. This long, simple but subtle transformation has gone unobserved in the last few years, but seen through the lens of a camera, it is transformed into something truly striking. The universe is not divided into male and female, it' s made up of individuals that have inside themselves a variety of both qualities. However I should admit that this is a typical transformation that from my experience has take on an universal meaning, causing a radical change which is now becoming widely accepted. From the experience of each individual, a complete change of thought and habits has taken place without society being aware of it, thus avoiding obstacles and restraints. This is the beginning of a moment of peace, which typically belongs to women, and can be found, in different measures, in each person.

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