Marco Antonio Bello

Photographer / Based in Miami, FL

Marco Antonio Bello, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, is an award-winning independent photojournalist and videographer based in South Florida, working with Reuters, Associated Press (AP), Agence France-Presse (AFP), Getty Images,... read on
Focus: Photojournalist, Videographer, Photo Assistant, Documentary, News, Video, Photography, Portraiture, Freelance, Editorial, Storyteller, International Stories, Audio Visuals, Still Photographer, Studio Photographer, Photo Director, Portrait Photography, Breaking News, Reportage, Visual Journalist, Visual Storyteller, Visual Storytelling
Skills: Translator, Sports, Lighting Tech, Audio Recording, Photo Assisting, Film Scanning, Adobe Premier, Photo Editing, Photojournalism, Video Editing, Film Processing, Film Photography, Drone Pilot, HEFAT, RISC, FAA drone pilot, Photoshop, Editorial
Clients: Marco Antonio Bello | NetworkReuters Marco Antonio Bello | NetworkGetty Images Marco Antonio Bello | NetworkBloomberg