Portrait of North Korea
Location: Paris
Nationality: Chinese
Biography: Luo Jian is a Chinese documentary photographer based in Paris and Beijing. After working 10 years as a photojournalist in the Chinese press industry, he decided to move to France where he began a new photography journey. His work focuses on the... read on
Public Story
Portrait of North Korea
Credits: jian luo
Updated: 11/14/20
Location: North Korea
Despite photo studios are common in Pyongyang, it has been difficult to find a typical North Korean portrait other than their president. In this nation, portraits are used as a propaganda and therefore are deliberately taken out in public communication. Today, North Koreans maintain an attitude that rejects individual photographs and remain unfriendly toward the behavior of photo-taking.

Ignoring all the facial features of the subjects, the photographer presents an image of North Korea through the environment, the atmosphere and the distance between people, in order to convey a message that under the autocratic regime, North Koreans refuse to be closely examined. In the portraits, we cannot see any facial details such as pores and wrinkles, but a projection of totalitarianism. 


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