Group living
Location: Paris
Nationality: Chinese
Biography: Luo Jian is a Chinese documentary photographer based in Paris and Beijing. After working 10 years as a photojournalist in the Chinese press industry, he decided to move to France where he began a new photography journey. His work focuses on the... read on
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Group living
Credits: jian luo
Updated: 01/20/21
Location: china
Group living is a way of survival for mankind since ancient times. With the urbanization of industrial society, this state of group living has been artificially enlarged all over the world. The Western world has curbed their blind expansion to a certain extent through a series of social trends such as counterurbanization since the late 20th century. But until today, in some emerging countries in Asia and Latin America, it is still regarded as a sign of modernization by the authorities.

The urbanization,promoted by the Chinese government in recent years has made “group living” in cities an ideal life pattern for all Chinese people. Because of the huge population base and size of cities, the pace of urban expansion in China in the 21st century is getting faster and faster. This physical expansion further deepens the spread of this trend on the spiritual level of people. In the city, people will naturally position themselves through their social status. The positioning criteria include geography, language, stratum, social status, family status, etc. And this positioning must be continuously confirmed by the group in which he lives.

At the same time, we have also seen another invisible process. In the transition of human society from industrialization to post-industrialization, sociality swallows human nature, group rules replace individual laws, personal consciousness is becoming scarcer, and the virus is spreading vigorously... and more importantly, the wisdom that human beings once produced and continuously improved due to group living is gradually losing with the infinite expansion of the group. When everyone consciously makes themselves a member of the group, the collective unconscious is infinitely magnified in the group living.

The series questions about the extreme trend of human living space by representing the group living state of Chinese. In 2020, the Covid-19 breaking out in the crowd began to hit the whole world. In confinement, we got a pause from the state of group living. It is the time to rethink how we should exist and how we will exist in the future.


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