Berlin Wall, A virtual visit of a real history
Location: Paris
Nationality: Chinese
Biography: Luo Jian is a Chinese documentary photographer based in Paris and Beijing. After working 10 years as a photojournalist in the Chinese press industry, he decided to move to France where he began a new photography journey. His work focuses on the... read on
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Berlin Wall, A virtual visit of a real history
Credits: jian luo
Updated: 11/14/20
Location: Berlin

The fall of the Berlin Wall paves the way for German reunification in 1989. The Wall, “Wall of Anti-Fascist Protection" by the East German government and “Wall of Shame" for the West Germans, has completed its mission historic and was demolished the following year. 
Thirty years later, this artificial border that divided Europe into two worlds is lost in the tumult of the city and the desolation of the great suburbs. Along the disappeared Wall, distinct memories under two ideologies blend into a scar in human history.

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