Rubén Lucía

Location: Barcelona
Nationality: Spain
Biography:     I’m a freelance photographer borned in Barcelona. I studied photography in IDEP on 2015 and a photojournalism postgraduate master’s degree in UAB on 2016. I worked with several animal rights organizations since 2010. I believe... read on
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Credits: rubén lucía
Date of Work: 01/21/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 01/21/18
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Jarramplas is a centenary tradition in Piornal, a little town of Spain. A Mixture of paganism and Christianity.
Every year on 19th and 20th January One or two people are chosen to represent Jarramplas on San Sebastian's festivity. He runs and dances through the streets while the whole village shoots him turnips.
Be Jarramplas and resist the turnips is the greatest honor for a Piornal's citizen.

By Rubén Lucía —


Elena and the Animals

By Ruben Lucia — E lena Tova is a woman committed to a cause: saving animals. In 2009 she left her job and her lifestyle to found El Hogar ProVegan, an animal..

Shot of Rum

By Rubén Lucía — Nacho es hijo de la caña. Hijo y hermano de cañeros, nació en Chichigalpa, una pequeña ciudad nicaragüense donde se elabora uno de los rones..

The Storyteller

By Rubén Lucía — Jose María (“Chema”) Campos is a storyteller for children with cancer in the Pediatric Hospital of Managua, Nicaragua. He lives very near to..
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