Léonard Pongo

Location: Kinshasa
Nationality: Belgian
Biography: Pongo started photography in a documentary fashion, which he gradually merged with snapshot and diary styles. His long-term project “The Uncanny” has earned him several international awards and world- wide recognition. Pongo’s... read on
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Exhibition Opening at the Lubumbashi Biennale
léonard pongo
Oct 27, 2019
Location: Lubumbashi
I'm thrilled to be opening a show at the 6th Lubumbashi Biennale:
FUTURE GENEALOGIES, Tales from the Equatorial Line going on from 24 October- 24 November 2019

The biennale explores the contemporary creation of the artistic scene in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the world. It is today one of the most dynamic and experimental artistic events on the African continent.

The show opens on October 27th at 6.30pm and will present my new project "Primordial Earth"

Leonard Pongo - Biennale de Lubumbashi
Primordial Earth Léonard Pongo (Democratic Republic of Congo / Belgium) 2019 Through the exploration of Congo landscapes, Primordial Earth proposes to consider this region as a multidimensional allegory with three central themes: Creation,...


By Léonard Pongo —


Announcincing the Recipients of Reportage Grants

By Léonard Pongo — Getty Images , a world leader in visual communications, has today announced the recipients of its inaugural Getty Images Reportage Grants program...

Sign up for workshop at ICP

By Léonard Pongo — I'll be giving a workshop at ICP this summer! Apply before July 2nd.  Join Léonard Pongo at his workshop "Embracing Bias:..
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By Léonard Pongo — Delighted to win the 2017 Visura Grant for Outstanding Personal Project. Leonard Pongo The latest photography news and features, since 1854.
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