Ray-ginald Junior Louissaint

Haitian documentary photographer and videographer.
Luxury hotels
Location: Port-au-Prince
Nationality: Haitian
Biography: Reginald Junior Louissaint is a Haitian documentary photographer. After his studies in linguistics, he turned to photography with particular attention to the story. His work included "luxury hotels" and also "Grand Rue"... read on
Public Story
Luxury hotels
Credits: reginald junior louissaint
Updated: 09/23/16
The most visible reconstruction is certainly the luxury hotels sprout
since 2010: Marriott, Oasis, Best Western, Kinam .... Nowadays, they are in the
panorama of the city of Port-au-Prince and form with neighborhoods
surround a set of contradictions. This work pretends to dwell on
details that make these places luxurious refuges amid tumult of the city,
we can see almost defiant through the windows.