Sherri Littlefield

Associate Director
Foley Gallery
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Sherri was born in Wisconsin and raised in Central Florida. After spending a couple years in Georgia, she moved to New York City. She currently works as an independent curator, as a technician at Parsons School of Design, and as the associate... read on
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SPOTLIGHT: Sherri Littlefield, Director at Foley Gallery. HIGHLIGHTS 12 ARTISTS!
sherri littlefield
May 31, 2017

Visura launches SPOTLIGHT—a monthly column featuring a Guest Curator, Photo Editor, Collector or Creative/Art Director, member of the Visura community. He or she will select 12 content producers using Visura's new Advanced Search Engine, who will in return be featured as part of the column!

To kick-off, the new column, Visura is delighted to present Sherri Nienass Littlefield, Director at Foley Gallery. Sherri has selected twelve Photographers, whose work she loves, who are part of the Visura community:Billy Delfs, Charlotte Schmitz, Christy Kehrlein McDonald, Eduard Korniyenko, Elaine Ellman, Ellen Wallenstein, Gonzalo Pardo, Jorge Santiago, Robb Hill, Rocio De Alba, Sarah Rice, Vito Fusco . Each photographer was found using Visura's Advanced Search Engine, a tool that gives access to Visura's database to search for talent and connect. You can search by members or projects as well as browse tags related to focus, skills, current location, nationality, territories, themes and others.


By Sherri Littlefield —

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