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Drive Ins
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Biography: Joan Liftin has worked as a photographer, photo book editor and teacher for many years. She is the author of three photo books Drive-Ins (2004), Marseille (2015) and Water For Tears (2018). Liftin was... MORE
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Drive Ins
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Updated Jul 2020
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Soon after Memorial Day, 2020, a collective sigh of relief could be felt throughout many

small towns and boonies of rural America as huge dinosaur twenty-foot images of lovers

embracing, and fiery car crashes once again flickered across the night skies.

Finally!  The local drive-in was open.

And not a moment too soon for the sanity of recreation-starved Americans lucky enough to

live out where there is still enough cheap land available to allow for their existence.

At last, a meeting ground had opened in which people could socialize en masse,

and not risk death from COVID 19 at every turn.  Safe in one’s car, with one’s closest

Intimates and family, one could drink beer, shout at the screen, smoke a joint,  and even

maybe consider taking one’s mask off.

Below is a selection of photos from Joan Liftin’s classic “Drive-Ins” published

some l5 years ago.  Nothing much has changed except for what’s playing this season

and the mood of our weary and rattled fellow countrymen.


There are still over 500 drive-ins left.   Believe it or not, chances are 50=50 that there’s one

within a short one hour drive from where you live.  


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