Lukas Huffman

Content Director & Producer
Dear Future / Audi & Microsoft
Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: US
Biography: Lukas Huffman is the co-founder and content director of Huffman Studio, an award-winning digital production agency. The studio has created films for The Boston Globe, Vice Media, The World Bank, Ben & Jerry's, The North Face, Planned... read on
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Dear Future / Audi & Microsoft
lukas huffman
Oct 23, 2017
Huffman Studio was tapped to direct and produce episodes for the Vice Motherboard series titled "Dear Future." The series is comissioned by Audi and Microsoft and is built on the premise that technology and science are still capable of wowing us. Fusion energy, DIY off-grid energy systems, decentralized mesh networks, the search for life on other planets, and humanoid robots aren't far-off science fiction, they're breakthroughs that are happening right now.

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