Lukas Hofmann

Visual Journalist
Tampon tax
Location: Berlin
Nationality: German
Biography: Lukas Hofmann (b. 1987) is a documentary photographer and independent photojournalist interested in political and social conflicts around the world. Before dedicating himself entirely to visual storytelling in 2019, he worked in political... read on
Public Story
Tampon tax
Credits: lukas hofmann
Date of Work: 05/01/19 - 05/31/19
Updated: 10/17/19
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Tampon tax

Campaign video and photos for welobby. The small NGO aims to make lobbying available for individuals and small organizations that otherwise would not have the means for it. The campaign aims to raise enough funds to professionally lobby for a reduction of the value-added tax on menstrual products in Germany. Concept, video, photos, edition by myself, frame and subtitles in the video and the social media design by werk21k.