Michel Leroy

Location: New York
Nationality: American
Biography: Michel Leroy is a New York-based entertainment and advertising photographer with a produced style that captures an authentic connection to real personalities. From celebrity chefs to Olympic athletes, the images reveal a level of comfort and... read on
Alchemy Series by Michel Leroy featured in Photographize Magazine
michel leroy
Dec 18, 2018
Location: New York City
The November 2018 issue of Photographize is dedicated to beauty of Black and White and the inclusion of the Alchemy series by US photographer Michel Leroy was a great honor. Photographize goes beyond the Magazine, it is a virtual gallery based on immediacy, where the best images are presented in their pure form and have the ability to both capture and captivate the viewer.

The Alchemy series is an ongoing collaboration between photographer Michel Leroy and a wide range of professional athletes with varying body types that explores the tension between physicality and identity. The images are simple in form, but rich in ideas and emotions. Each moment captured is a celebration of athletic confidence and vitality at its most pure. Moments of sculptural balance, anticipation and strength define the graceful lines and organic gestures of these vivid Black and White images.

To see the full series by Michel Leroy visit editions.michelleroyphoto.com

Special thanks to Andrea & Carla at PHOTOGRAPHIZE for featuring the Alchemy series.

By Michel Leroy —

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