Habitat, beyond photography.

About automobile liability and its form of use, in the contamination of the planet.

By combining internal elements of the internal combustion engine (the heart of the engine) as intake and exhaust valves, spark plugs, camshafts, timing chains, belts, etc; with elements everyday life in nature, scenarios and visual metaphors where nothing is what it seems, elements take on a different meaning and sometimes completely opposite to which they were created.

The viewer is invited to reflect on the relationship between the car and the environment, pollution, mobility habits and our values regarding the same.

The automobile, according to the European media agency environment, is responsible for 72% of the pollution produced by transport. "Habitat" look for a new visual approach to this problem exploring the relationship between development and natural world.

It is a great contradiction: we promote development to live better but at the same time we are destroying our environment.

Habitat. Beyond photography

Richard Le Manz
Photographer / artist based in Spain
Public Story
Habitat. Beyond photography
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Date of Work 12/31/69 - Ongoing
Updated 01/02/21