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Richard Le Manz

Photographer / artist
Participation in Xposure International Photography
Location: Spain
Nationality: Spain
Biography: Richard Le Manz is a Spanish photographer; whose work revolves around telling real and imaginary stories. Real ones, weaving stories of the most extraordinary places, cultures and sceneries; and imaginary, using photography to explore and look... read on
News Spotlight
Participation in Xposure International Photography
richard le manz
Oct 7, 2019
Very happy to have participated in the Xposure International Festival in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates).

Share experiences with these talented photographers of the world an unforgettable experience. Happy to show my projects "Habitat, beyond photography" and "In Our Hands" in this magnificent event.

I can't agree more with the beautiful words from the Sultan Alqasimi the Photography isn't just a profession or a form of art, photography as we have seen through the works of our friends displayed here at the festival is a way of life, it's life itself.


Muy feliz de mi participación en el Festival Xposure Internacional Photography en Sharjah , Emiratos Árabes Unidos.
Compartir experiencias con estos talentosos fotógrafos de todo el mundo es una experiencia inolvidable. Muy contento de mostrar mis proyectos "Hábitat, más allá de la fotografía" y "En nuestras manos".

No puedo estar más de acuerdo con las palabras del Sultan Alqasimi, La fotografía no es solo una profesión o una forma de arte, la fotografía que vemos a través de los trabajos de nuestros amigos aquí en el festival, es una forma de vida, es la vida misma.

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