Adam Leitzel

Visual-based artist
Arch Street Center
Location: Pottsville Pennsylvania
Nationality: American
Biography: Adam Leitzel is an artist based in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Adam’s work tends to focus on interpersonal struggles, and his place within society. His work has been exhibited at the Demuth Museum, The Curated Fridge, and the North Museum of... MORE
Public Story
Arch Street Center
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Updated Feb 2022
Topics Community, Disability, Documentary, Education, Emotion, Environment, Family, Freedom, Happiness, Health/Healing, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Interior, Journalism, Love, Mental Illness, Perspectives, Photography, Portraiture, Reporting, Still life
Arch Street Center has been operating in Lancaster Pennsylvania since 1983. They are a community space made for individuals who live with mental disabilities over the age of 18. Often times there are many resources for younger people with mental health problems but not so many for adults. This space provides an area for their members to have a place to eat, socialize, and participate in activities. Arch Street has provided a much needed resource to the Lancaster community and is always seeking volunteers or donations.
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Arch Street Center by Adam Leitzel
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