Eduardo Leal

Documentary Photographer
Plastic Sea
Location: Macau, China
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography: Eduardo Leal is a Portuguese documentary photographer based in Macau, China, that focus his work mostly in South East Asia. Previously he worked for several years in South America. He graduated in Journalism at Escola Superior de Jornalismo (ESJ)... read on
Public Story
Plastic Sea
Credits: eduardo leal
Date of Work: 03/02/18 - 03/09/18
Updated: 04/30/19
Every year more than 448 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide, of these between 5.3 million to 14 million tons enter the oceans, meaning that one garbage truck is dumped into our seas every minute. Since plastic takes around 400 years to decompose, the all useful material has become an immense problem.

Today, plastic is the most common element found in the oceans and its presence kills more than one million seabirds, and 100,000 marine animals die every year from the ingestion and entanglement of plastic pieces since much of the marine life can’t be distinguished between food and plastic. Keeping the pattern of plastic being discharged into the oceans, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish (by weight).

Plastic Sea series was made to create awareness for the problem our oceans face, focusing on the plastic that washes ashore in a remote beach near the Colombian Darien Gap, where almost no people inhabit but the plastic still reaches in surprising amounts.

By Eduardo Leal —

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