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The Letting Go
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The Letting Go
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Updated Dec 2011
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The Letting Go by Laura Hynd

I use photography to explain my response to life. Not to others, but to myself. This process allows a greater understanding of perceptions combined with a cathartic development of self.

Photography for me is an experience. I want to feel, react and arouse deep emotional and physical responses. We may see a 2D piece of work in front of us, but what you feel is tangible. It moves and inspires. It exists and touches you.

The Letting Go is a personal and confessional series of photographs, portraits and self portraits. The body of work explores my need to reveal something personal as part of, not only a healing process, but a need to move on a push forward.

Part of this deals with my own and others' perception of me. Insecurities and preconceptions are laid bare… Moving me through a passage of unearthing lost joys and clarities long since hemmed in by life, social pressure and personal experiences.

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