Petra Lajdova

Artist I Photographer
Slovak Renaissance
Location: Bratislava
Nationality: Slovak
Biography: Petra Lajdová (1978) Slovakia, Bratislava.  Photography became a part of my life and professional development during my stay in Prague (1999-2004).  I won an award in the Czech Republic in 2006 for my creative portrait entitled... read on
Public Story
Slovak Renaissance

Contemporary art photography of the beauty and artistry of Slovak traditional costumes (2012-2014), specifically headpieces and the upper parts. Its goal is to present its esthetics and beauty through art photography, mentioning its art and cultural connection with world in modern, original and respectful way. 

It is a celebration of the art of Slovak ancestors. Slovakia is rich in folk traditions, art and costumes. It is ahead of many European states in preserving the bold expressiveness and originality of its folk dress. The Slovak Renaissance project aims to elevate Slovak folk traditions to an art form by allowing this typical, multi-colored visual to emerge from the shadows through the beauty of Slovak women in traditional costumes and headwear. The multi-colored character of these parts of Slovak folk costumes has its origins in Slovakia’s wealth of natural beauty – it’s diverse terrain, mountains, valleys, green lowlands, wide meadows, rolling hills, mountain pools and lakes. In addition, the costumers’ richness emerges from the ethnically, socially and religiously diverse character of the country.  All of this is reflected in their colorful patterns and the richly or simply decorated headpieces. I see these decorative patterns as a reflection of respect, honor and humility in the face of nature, and of the beauty of women, their dignity and strength. 


By Petra Lajdova —


Slovenská Renesancia

By Petra Lajdova / Bratislava — Fotografické dielo Petry Lajdovej - renesancia umenia, estetiky a krásy slovenského ľudového odevu. ..

Beautysl(á)va - Lines and Shadows

By Petra Lajdova / Bratislava

Art of Fashion

By Petra Lajdova / Yorkshire Dales — Art of Fashion, Misense by Mila B: slow fashion & making process UK (, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire, Peak..

Private I Travel i Archive

By Petra Lajdova

Art of Industrial

By Petra Lajdova / Bratislava — Work in progress, photography of the art of industrial.  I find my admiration for traditional metal..


By Petra Lajdova / Bratislava — Backstage for Slovak Renaissance art work (2012-2014) (folk costumes and 100-200 year old archive headpieces..
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