Petra Lajdova

Art of Industrial
Location: Bratislava
Nationality: Slovak
Biography: Petra Lajdová (1978) Slovakia, Bratislava.  Artist statement:  I am seeking to renew interest in traditional art, offering a modern view of precious cultural heritage to today’s generations.. I aim to see new way of... read on
Public Story
Art of Industrial
Credits: petra lajdova
Updated: 10/04/19
Location: Slovakia

Work in progress, photography of the art of industrial. 

I find my admiration for traditional metal works, tools and craftwork. Photographs of industrial and metal recycling represents my admiration for its "forgotten" "aesthetic".  


By Petra Lajdova —


Beautysl(á)va - Lines and Shadows

By Petra Lajdova

Art of Fashion

By Petra Lajdova — Art of Fashion, Misense by Mila B: slow fashion & making process UK (, Oxfordshire, Yorkshire, Peak District).

Private I Travel i Archive

By Petra Lajdova

Slovak Renaissance

By Petra Lajdova — Contemporary art photography of the beauty and artistry of Slovak traditional costumes (2012-2014), specifically headpieces and the upper parts...

Slovenská Renesancia

By Petra Lajdova — Fotografické dielo Petry Lajdovej - renesancia umenia, estetiky a krásy slovenského ľudového odevu.  Na Slovensku je to prvá moderná..


By Petra Lajdova — Backstage for Slovak Renaissance art work (2012-2014) (folk costumes and 100-200 year old archive headpieces styling preparation), celebrating the..
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