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      Petra Lajdová (1978) Slovakia, Bratislava.  Petra Lajdová is a fine art and commercial photographer. Her art aims to see new way of communicating concepts, with new... read on



Petra Lajdová (1978) Slovakia, Bratislava. 

Petra Lajdová is a fine art and commercial photographer. Her art aims to see new way of communicating concepts, with new perspective, renewing forgotten through the art of traditions, with beauty and harmony. She works and creates in Slovakia as well as abroad. She is an author and photographer of her last photography work of art, “Slovak Renaissance” (2012-2014). It represents the first modern art photography display of Slovak Folk Art and cultural heritage in Slovakia, that achieved respectful credibility, broad public and media recognition and success. She works and creates in Slovakia and abroad.

Her photography became a part of her life and professional development during her stay in Prague (1999-2004). She won an award in the Czech Republic in 2006 for her creative portrait entitled “Sebeláska” (Self-love). She then began to photograph portraits of artists and nudes. She perfected her craft at internships and during stays in France (2007 - 2010). From 2008 to 2010 she had solo exhibitions and group exhibitions within the framework of significant artistic events in Piešťany and Bratislava. Petra Lajdová presented artistic photographs from the Slovenská renesancia cycle (Slovak Renaissance 2012-2014) in August 2014 in Piešťany. In the autumn of 2015 she presented her work at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco and in Paris at the EURO 2016 event (as part of the presentation of Slovakia in the summer of 2016). In the winter of 2017 she exhibited at the M. A. Bazovský Gallery in Trenčín. She exhibited her art work Slovak Renaissance in Danubiana Meulensteen Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia (2.6.-3.9.2017), one of the most beautiful and great modern art museum in Europe.


* In summer 2008 her photos accompanied “Viva Musica!” music festival of classic in Bratislava´s old center

* In summer 2009 she exhibited her works 2004-2008 in the old cultural town of Piešťany where she got first outside Bratislava media and public attention

* In November 2009 Petra exhibited her creative concept accomplished for the Notabene charity organization promotion in accordance of its 8th anniversary. She carried out the original concept called “We help them to take off” and she received first respectful media recognition. This creative photography concept reflects the enjoyment of former homeless people who had been able to change their lives and to become respectful personalities.

* In September 2010, she exhibited her portraits named “Are we different or not” on the New Bridge over the river Danube of the Capital in Slovakia.

* In August 2014, she presented renaissance of the art and esthetics of Slovak traditional folk costumes named “Slovak Renaissance”, two year project (2012-2014), to celebrate the art of Slovak ancestors and showing respect and appreciation for Slovak folk art and traditions.

* In 2016, her artwork Slovak renaissance was presented in Paris at EURO2016. In February 2, 2017, M.A.Bazovsky Gallery in Trencin in Slovakia, opened her exhibition "Slovak Renaissance" where public has great oppportunity to see large format photographs (achieved over 4200 recording vsitors, record turnout of the gallery).

* in Summer 2017, artwork Slovak Renaissance exhibited in Danubiana Meulensteen Museum, Slovakia, within Summer Art Festival. Visitors (15 000) had great opportunity to see these large format photographs within great space exhibition in Europe from June 2 until September 3, 2018.