Paul Kwiatkowski

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Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: And Every Day Was Overcast / Eat Prey Drug / Ghost Guessed w/ Tom Griggs 
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Review for Ghost Guessed in Fraction Magazine
paul kwiatkowski
Sep 6, 2018

  It’s a satisfyingly powerful effect to realize, on reaching the end of the book, how many different ways the images and text are tethered together.  The ambiguity of the captionless images is not a matter of ambivalence, but of a kind of necessary instability of meaning in the face of a world too big for clean narratives or clearly bounded events.  Ghost Guessed takes the authors’ very personal experiences and allows them to flow outwards - in time, and in personal history, and in space, and in our social and political moment – to become something very broad.  The context is the story, the story is the context.
 Ghost Guessed
Photographs from emerging and established photographers.

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