Linda Kuo

Documentary and portrait photographer. Considering the human condition through the animal kingdom.
Location: New York
Nationality: Chinese American
Biography: Linda Kuo is a documentary photographer whose work centers on social-environmental issues, with a special interest in the impact humankind has upon nature and the animal kingdom. Linda's work as been featured in The New York Times, The London... read on
Public Story

Published in Photograph Magazine. L'Oeil de la Photographie

With increasing habitat fragmentation, the loss of natural predators, and continual expanding of roadways, The New York Department of Transportation, is faced with the disposal of 25,000 deer carcasses a year from motor vehicle collisions. Traditional methods of disposal"“"“incineration and mass graves, have been prohibitive due to cost and environmental concerns. However, a more viable and practical alternative has become available. Deer composting. "Reclaimed," considers the practice of deer composting performed by the D.O.T in Ulster County NY, which composts over 800 deer carcasses a year.

Deer composting involves layering the deer carcasses on a bed of wood chips. Then the pile is regularly rotated and refreshed with new compost. Over time the carcasses biodegrade, and are generated into a stable soil compound. The newly amended soil"“"“fertile and recycled, is then used to re-landscape the highways.

"Reclaimed" illustrates the conflict between nature and humankind, and addresses the challenge of implemeting solutions that are in harmony with our environment.


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