Linda Kuo

Documentary and portrait photographer. Considering the human condition through the animal kingdom.
Hit and Run
Location: Pound Ridge, New York
Nationality: Chinese American
Biography: Linda Kuo is a documentary photographer, whose work focuses on social environmental issues, with a special interest in the impact humankind has upon nature and the animal kingdom. Linda has been nominated for PDN's 30: Emerging Photographers... read on
Public Story
Hit and Run

I grew up in Illinois where the roads run long, flat, and straight across a vast plain of open farmland. In this setting, prairie wildlife and cars can easily avoid one another. However, when I moved to Westchester, just north of New York City, I was confronted with a different reality. As road density increases, wildlife habitats are destroyed and fragmented into smaller, more isolated plots. Animals are unable to meet their biological needs, and as a result a variety of species are now threatened with extinction. The pictures in this series document the fallen creatures along the wooded roadways of Westchester County.


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