Linda Kuo

Documentary and portrait photographer. Considering the human condition through the animal kingdom.
Location: New York
Nationality: Chinese American
Biography: Linda Kuo is a documentary photographer whose work centers on social-environmental issues, with a special interest in the impact humankind has upon nature and the animal kingdom. Linda's work as been featured in The New York Times, The London... read on

Every year an estimated 300 million animals are illegally imported into the United States as exotic pets. Most of these animals retain their natural instincts, behaviors, and dietary attributes––even those captivity bred, remain wild. It is infeasible to replicate their natural habitat, and meet their nutritional needs. From self-destructive feather plucking in birds, to metabolic bone disease in reptiles, the majority of medical issues they face stem from an inability to accommodate their psychological and biological needs. Without proper care, these animals are experiencing compromised lives marked by unnecessary disease and distress. "Displaced" is a look at the efforts of The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in NYC, as they tend to these delicate animals who have been removed from their natural habitats and transplanted into a foreign environment.


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