Katie Linsky Shaw

Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Biography: Katie Linsky Shaw has worked as a photographer since college. Following graduation, she worked as a reporter and photographer for small town publications and freelanced for a large, daily newspaper in Memphis, TN. After a move to small-town... read on
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My youngest son first became interested in the Rubik's cube a few years ago. He taught himself how to solve one using YouTube videos and by learning different algorithms. On a whim, I checked online for any local, cubing groups. I was surprised and happy to learn about the World Cube Association which "governs competitions for mechanical puzzles." Cubing competitions were being held world-wide. A competition was coming up in Gatlinburg, Tenn., and we signed him up. He was hooked and so were we.

During that first event, It was incredible to see tables of children and teenagers spend an entire day discussing math and algorithms. This seemed to be a perfect fit for our son who was good at sports but not very motivated to keep competing in soccer or basketball and needed another interest.

We've since attended six competitions. There would have been more but Covid suspended competitions for more than a year. But now the competitions are back on with safety measures like mask requirements and spacing for events. Our first competition since the pandemic was in December back in Gatlinburg. It was a tough crowd with a couple of world record holders competing. But our son still had fun.

The Netflix documentary, "The Speed Cubers," has helped share this incredible community. I hope my photos from the last few years will do the same. Be sure to read captions for cubing specifics. For more information, check out https://www.worldcubeassociation.org.

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