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Volunteers vs Pandemic
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Volunteers vs Pandemic
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Updated: 05/30/20
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Some national leaders compare the COVID-19 global pandemic with the war. Ukrainians will understand this comparison very well. In 2014, my country had a dramatic experience of Russian aggression against the Ukrainian state. Our armed forces and economy were not ready for repelling the attack, and only a massive raise of volunteer movement saved Ukraine from the collapse. Today, with the unreformed medical system and crisis of public administration, the situation repeating itself. As in 2014, people stand up against the COVID-19 threat.
Ukrainians gather in groups to coordinate their efforts in dealing with such problems, as supplying hospitals with artificial lungs and staff protective gear, food supply for older adults and people in need, and informing the population about the situation.
This project tells stories of resilience and solutions of regular Ukrainians, as well as local businesses and NGOs, who jumped into action while the state is failing to cope with the pandemic challenge. From volunteer drivers delivering medical staff to hospitals to 3D printing workshops producing advance medical equipment, from clothing brands sew masks and medical gowns to priests launched the production of sanitizers.
The main goal of the project is to highlight the courage and commitment of Ukrainian volunteer society and raise awareness about their best practices that could be applied on a regional or global scale.


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