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Pipe Dreams
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Pipe Dreams
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Updated: 03/25/21
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Driving Ukrainian highways, you'll pass a medieval castle, ancient palace, traditional country house, or luxury residency sooner or later. These objects have nothing to do with history or culture. Instead, you can have diner food, stay a night in the hotel, fill your car with petrol or get another service.  
The Ukrainian roadside architectural forms have always amused me. The owners of these hotels and restaurants were probably guided by their taste choosing the style of future buildings with all those towers, antique statues, gardens, and other luxury and arrogance elements. On the other hand, they might consider purely economic reasons and try to attract customers fastly driving by. Anyway, thanks to them, Ukrainian roads are filled with the architecture simulacrums—their presence turns roadside rest places into Peter Pan's country.
The Pipe Dreams project visually explores this phenomenon

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